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Congratulations!  You’ve landed on my portal to my travel blogs. Is it what you expected???

The only purpose of this site, at the moment, is to let you know where my travel blogs are.

Feel free to follow me in my adventures and even participate as a voyeuristic advisor.  Stay with me, and when a place or question inspires you, ask me to check into it for you, and I’ll report back here.  It’ll be fun!

My first journal arose from my 2 month trip to Peru in Winter 2012.   Unfortunately, the original blog got hacked by Evil Doers who essentially destroyed it, so I’m s-l-o-w-l-y rebuilding it.   Check out the progress at

The second journal will be for my upcoming year long trek around the world, commenced with a July 24, 2014 arrival in Tokyo.  For that trip, go to

Please comment here, or email me at

Thanks for coming along!